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green pool cleanups

From Green to Clean!  We know all of the effective ways to get your green pool back into great shape!  Most of the time the desired effect can be reached chemically without draining the pool.  All of the equipment must be in working order to clean a green pool chemically.  There is some situations where draining a pool and doing an acid wash is more effective.  Call us now and we will give you a free estimate while educating you on the best method to get your pool from Green to Clean.

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custom service plan

We offer custom service plans to meet specific needs. So if you did not see a service plan that suits your needs we can create one for you!

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Splish Splash Pool Company

pool maintenance 

Here at Splish Splash Pool Company we take pride in our weekly maintenance service. We offer the best maintenance of swimming pools at a reasonable monthly rate. That is what makes us stand out in an industry filled with so many competitors. If you are looking for that over and above pool maintenance look no further! We offer more of a basic service as well. We have a service plan to suit almost any individual set of needs. We will discuss your needs and expectations at the time of estimation before starting our service. 

Chemical only pool maintenance

Chemical Only Service Includes:

  • Chemical Levels Tested
  • Chemicals Administered/Adjusted
  • Emptying Baskets
  • ​O-Ring Lubrication

Full service pool maintenance

Full Service Includes:

  • Tile Cleaning 
  • Surface Skimming
  • Wall Brushing
  • Vacuuming
  • Filter Cleaning/Backwashing
  • Emptying Baskets
  • Chemical Levels Tested 
  • Chemicals Administered/Adjusted 
  • O-Ring Lubrication